My Nanay’s Playground

The days are still going strong with triple digit temperatures in Bossier City, but that doesn’t stop my nanay (‘mother’ in tagalog) from tending to her garden and making sure the hummingbirds have fresh food.  The heat has taken its toll on the withering plants and flowers, but a few of them are fighters and sprout a veggie or flower here and there. With a chance of rain for tonight/tomorrow, I am —for once— doing the proactive rain dance.  Not just for the plants, but for all of humanity in north Louisiana.

In between rain dance sessions, I manged to squeeze in some shutterbug time and capture some scenes from my nanay’s playground.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have this past week.

Patience paid off to catch this little guy

This one was a bit easier


One of mom’s favorite spots to sit and enjoy the scenery


A bit too much sun, but hanging in there


Adding a touch of Dutch


My niece helps with the “harvest”

Ampalaya, a Philippino veggie

Black to Green?

I take after my mother in several ways (yes mom, really!).   She loves to spend her day piddling in her garden which produces beautiful flowers, fruits, and veggies.  Sadly, I didn’t inherit her green thumb.  Mine is the blackest of black.  I’ve made attempts in every city I have lived, but the plants always seem to die.  In my defense, I have not had a “real” backyard since I left my parent’s house—I also know this is no excuse.  So with the snow gone and spring in the air, I will try again.    G and I picked up this rode peper (red pepper) plant the other day and gave it a new home on the kitchen window.  Shouldn’t every southern girl have a pepper plant? It looks good now and even has a few peppers ready for us to eat.  We’ll see what happens over the next few months…stay tuned!