Autumn is here


I usually called it fall. I have since learned that is very “North American”. Whatever you may call it; it’s still my favorite season.  Growing up in Louisiana, I didn’t usually experience the brisk autumn weather and changing of the leaves in September as the temperatures and humidity were still peaking.  Moving to NYC brought a renewed perspective on autumn.  Hook, line, and sinker…I was sold on this area of the country!  Each year with the passing of Labor Day, I was filled with the anxiety of a 5-year-old at Christmas time waiting to open gifts.  The autumn season is truly a gift to me.  I love the cooler days and invigorating crisp air.  The wind rustling through the trees in Central Park and warm shades of leaves sprinkled on the ground.  Football season is underway.  Sweaters are soon standard daily attire.  My friend H used to always call me when she had her first Pumpkin Latte sighting at Starbucks during her morning coffee run.  With that, I knew autumn was in full swing.

2005 - Apple picking in Warwick Valley, NY

2008 - A's portraits in Central Park

2009 - Williamsburg, VA

2009 - Bear Mountain, NY

H's Lil man says Who Dat?

Autumn, take 3.  Now I’m even further north and autumn in Amsterdam is an amalgamation of past years.  Rain/humidity in Louisiana + cooler temperatures in NYC = autumn in Amsterdam.  Leaving the house the other day required a tote bag full of the following:

  • Sunglass:  because it was actually shining at the moment;
  • Hat:  as the radar indicated rain clouds were coming;
  • Light jacket:  since I was wearing a tshirt and the temps were on a roller coaster ride;
  • Cotton scarf:  at times the jacket was too much and the tshirt was too little;
  • Rain poncho:  bike riding in the rain while getting soaked is miserable in cooler weather;
  • Bike seat cover:  would you want to get off your bike and look like you just wet your pants?;
  • Dry bag to carry SLR:  unemployment = no new camera if the current one is ruined;
  • Kitchen sink:  because I’m already hauling everything else, so why not.

When the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful time to sit canal side and enjoy a coffee or beer.  But when it’s raining, stay inside or gear up!

2010 - Vondelpark

2010 - Sunset in Vondelpark

On Saturday, the day/night was split into exactly 12 hours with sunrise at 7:32a and sunset at 7:32p.  The months of May, June, and July were ones with little rain and 15 -16 hours of daylight.  It’s the trade off for the rainy season that is now underway.  So I will adjust to this “new autumn” and hope for a few dry, sunny days in the mix ahead.

ps, A semi-annual reminder to check your smoke detectors.