Hong Kong & China, Plan B

[May 15-17, 2010]

Plan A was Spain.  We mapped out a route to drive along the Northern coast of Spain and eat our weight in food while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Spain’s hidden gem.  Time out and do a 180 just a few weeks before we are scheduled to leave—fly east, not drive west.  Duty called and G had to be in Shanghai for work.  So we shelved our guides and maps for Spain and I began to madly research, plan, and book our arrangements for Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.  Two books, three maps, several please-reply-asap-emails to friends, and a million clicks of the internet later, we were set.  Well, we had reservations for planes, trains, boats, and hotels…but not a word of Cantonese or Mandarin under our belt—which made for some confusing moments in the days to come!

A red-eye flight from Amsterdam allowed for sleep en route to Hong Kong.  The time difference was actually cake compared to the adjustment for heat and humidity.  Despite we are both originally from the south, we have become so accustomed to the cooler temperatures while living in Amsterdam.  The days have also been much longer with extend hours of sunlight in the north…so we were caught off guard by the darkness at the early hour of 7pm.

Victoria Harbor

At 8p every night, there is “A Symphony of Lights” show on Hong Kong Island best viewed from the harbor on Kowloon.  The show includes lights and lasers on over 40 buildings and Guinness World Records has named A Symphony of Lights the world’s largest permanent light and sound show.

Day 2 in HK had us trekking around Hong Kong Island visiting the thickly incensed Man Mo Temple, observing the market displays of food not seen stateside, and a quick visit around the zoo and botanical gardens.  A short subway ride back to Kowloon and I was soon frozen when we turned the corner to this site.

After 6 years in NYC, I’ve been accustomed to the ubiquitous eye-sore of metal scaffolding flush against buildings both small and tall.  However, this was bamboo.  Really.  Bam-freaking-boo. Hundreds of bamboo poles tied together reaching up so high I was almost bent backwards in a 90 degree angle to capture it in my frame.  Bless those souls who are brave enough for that climb.

Bamboo scaffolding

Bamboo up close

Day 3 in HK and we enjoyed various forms of transportation.  The Hong Kong Tramsways is a very inexpensive way (only $2 HKD) to get from one end of HK Island to the other with an added bonus to see the sights along Central, Wan Chai, and Causeway Bay.  This tram line is the only one of three in the world to regularly operate a double-decker tram (others in England & Egypt).  Just be sure to sit near a window and catch some of the natural “air-conditioning”.  Did I mention the heat and humidity?!?

Double Decker Tram

Tram line at night

Mmmm, spicy crab!

G waiting patiently as I snap fotos

In Causeway Bay we feasted on clams and a spicy crab at Hee Kee Crab…super lekker!

With only a few hours to spare before flying to Shanghai, we took one last ride across Victoria Harbor aboard the Star Ferry and sat with full tummies as the fog sat just as heavy on the skyline.  CLICK HERE for a quick slideshow from our 1st three days in HK.  Next post, Shanghai…

Two weeks in the Far East

After trekking around the far east, we are back home today. Hong Kong – Shanghai – Beijing – Hong Kong in 15 days..what an experience! We walked a lot, ate a lot, and shot a lot of photos.  Between our 3 cameras we took 1,800+ photos…it will take a while to get all of them sorted, organized and uploaded. Until then, here are a few highlights…

– Hong Kong (Kowloon) –

Food markets in Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor at night from Kowloon looking to Hong Kong Island

Streets at night

– Shanghai –

Shanghai Museum in People's Park

Calligraphy scrolls at the Shanghai Museum

World Expo, China Pavilion in the background

Yuyuan Gardens in the Old City area

– Beijing –

At Jing Shan Park with the Forbidden City in the background

798 Arts District in NE Beijing


Mutianyu area of the Great Wall


Longevity Hill at the Summer Palace


– Hong Kong  (HK Island) –

Stanley Village - fishing village and beach area

Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island


More to come…stay tuned!