Spanish Sunday

On Friday night, G returned home from a week-long business trip in NYC and Paris.  During my ‘single’ week, it was pretty quiet in the kitchen preparing very simple meals for myself.  With G back home, I was ready to dirty some pots and pans and make a mess of the keuken.

Despite the freezing temperatures which began this weekend, we bundled up and biked to the markets and grocery store to prepare for some weekend cooking.  Saturday’s meal wasn’t very fussy.  Rosemary butter chicken, hand-mashed potatoes and some fresh green beans made for a cozy night in by the fire.  Super Lekker!

On Sunday, we spent our lunchtime at the gym building up our appetites for our Spanish Sunday meal:  Gambas Picantes and Tortilla Española.  After our long holiday in northern Spain this summer, I continue to be inspired to try to replicate all the tasty meals we enjoyed there.  It also helps that G bought me a Spanish cookbook with tons of great recipes.  Today we found two more keepers.

The Spanish tortilla can be served so many different ways—a starter, main course, sandwich filling, or tapa and either warm or cold.  It’s one of the most common tapas and I can’t remember how many times we ordered one during our trip.  While there are several variations and different ingredients can easily be added (various meats or veggies), the basic ingredients include potatoes, olive oil, onion, eggs, salt, pepper, and butter.   Easy.  The tricky part is the cooking, it’s all about timing…which is while I let G take the reins on this first stab.  He can make a mean omelette, so logic told me he was well suited for the tortilla.

Pan fry the boiled potatoes

Off heat: let the potatoes, caramelized onions , & eggs "marry" for a few minutes

Back on heat, gently swirl to cook the egg

The flip for cooking side two...and my cue to start the shrimp

Last night I began marinating the shrimp in olive oil with chili peppers and garlic.


Since shrimp are so quick to cook, I waited until G was on side two of the tortilla before tossing the gambas on the hot skillet.

Perfectly pink and ready to eat!


Paired with a fantastic Chilean Shiraz and a garlicky wheat roll, there was no doubt we had happy tummies tonight.

Great job G!

Full of flavor and not overly spicy

Eet smakelijk!!!



5 thoughts on “Spanish Sunday

  1. hey girlie!!!! i’ve been reading up on your site!!! looks like you’ve been having FUN!!!!! Those shrimp look pretty good!!! i’ll have to hit brian up to try some! Keep on exploring and keeping us posted – i just love your blog!!!! you are soo talented in so many ways!

  2. Oh wow that looks goood!! Is that egg thing kind of like a fritatta? it looks interesting and kinda hard to master! – what is something similar that it tastes like?

    • Hey Bets, it is like a fritatta. I think one of the major differences is the egg preparation. With a fritatta, the eggs are beaten a bit more to incorporate air so they are fluffier…we just stirred the eggs together and the result is a bit denser for the tortilla.

      Also, a fritatta usually adds the other ingredients to the egg while back on the heat, whereas the tortilla adds off heat and lets it all sit and soak for a bit. I’ll email ya the recipe if you care to give it a try!

      Hope all is well in Nola!

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