Snow White

Yes, you are seeing snowflakes fall on the blog site.  Kinda cute, huh? Apparently a new feature WordPress has until January.  I thought appropriate to enable as I learned it is a winter wonderland back in Amsterdam.  We had some flurries on Saturday morning when I left town, but everything had vanished by the time my plane took off.  Talking with G over the last few days, it sounds like it is very KOUD and WITTE all over the city.  Despite the fact that I’m in the South right now, the temperatures are expected to drop below freezing for a bit overnight.  Thankfully the the sunny days bring warmer temperatures around 65F/18C.  But I best not get too used to it…back to the real winter in the North next week for me.

Last winter, the snow started in mid-December and hung around through February.  I felt like every photo I took during my first few months was a total white-out.  So, until I return to capture some of the Winter Wonderland, I’ll leave you with some scenes from last year…

[remember, you can click on any of the photos to view larger]






City Centre








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