Krówka = Krówki = Polish Crack

Ok, it really translates into “little cow”.  I may have just offended anyone with any iota of Polish descent by calling their famous confectionary “crack”.   But in English slang, it is an endearing term for something that is addictive, i.e. just can’t get ’nuff of it.  And if that something is a sweet, I am pretty much addicted.  And if it is anything similar to a caramel  or dulce de leche, G loves it.

Last week’s business adventures brought G to Warsaw for a few days.  Upon his return he revealed three small bags of something I had never seen, tasted, or even heard of.  But now I have.  And now I’m in trouble.  Well, my waistline is in trouble.  As if I needed another confectionary bullet point on my resume of sweets.  These little rectangles of sweet goodness are SUPER LEKKER!  I mean, who doesn’t love a perfect combination of milk, sugar, butter, vanilla and cream?  Some of the wrappers describe them as “cream fudge” or “butter fudge”, but to me they seem creamier and have a unique texture…somewhat layered with a creamy and crumbly feel…like a cross between fudge and caramel.  Mmmm!

My newest Polish Pottery purchase was a small footed bowl that was perfect for the trio of little cows.  I purposely placed it in the dining room, out of my normal path so I don’t eat all the little cows and become a big one.


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