Pimientos de Padrón

Long before G knew he was moving to Amsterdam, he wanted to “eat his way through northern Spain”.  Now I know why.  We just returned from our 12 day road trip and I am already having withdrawal despite the need for damage control and a much needed marathon day in the gym.  On our way back home, we  made a quick stop back in San Sebastian to pick up some Sidra.  Being a Sunday with nearly everything closed, we had our work cut out for us.  But our perseverance paid off not only with Sidra, but a fresh bag of pimientos de Padrón. What a fantastic birthday surprise for both of us.

We first saw the peppers on the menu in Santiago de Compostela and then repeatedly in A Coruña.  Rightly so as these peppers are the most famous produce of Padrón, a small town in Galicia.  We finally ordered them with our dinner our last night in A Coruña on Friday.  OH WOW!  We both agreed if that was all we had for dinner, we could easily go to bed happy.

Since produce has a short shelf life, our fix was fulfilled this evening as chef G made some fantastic pimientos de Padron.  Other than the peppers (which are a little tricky to find outside of Spain), you only need olive oil and salt…so easy!  We have half the bag left so it’s not hard to guess what will be on our dinner menu tomorrow night.  More to come in future posts about all the amazing food northern Spain has to offer.

Clean, dry, and ready to cook

Skillet is hot and I'm hungry

Chef G works his magic

Ribeiro vino pairs well

Yum! And immediate use of our new bowls.

Fruits of the labor

Not a morsel left


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