Say Kaas…

Yea, I say Kaas every time I am at the market, ordering a sandwich, or just having a snack with crackers.  Cheese, please!  Growing up my dad loved cheese and we always had some in the house.  I loved edam and gouda, but had no idea they were actually names of towns in The Netherlands where the cheese originated.

Are you a cheese-head as well?  Not like a Green Bay Packer cheese head, but a Dutch cheese head!  In Dutch, “cheese-head” is also another word for the mold in which the cheese is made. Rumor has it that in the Middle Ages farmers in North Holland used these wooden molds as helmets and this is how the enemy could identify an army of `cheese-heads’ approaching.

Every Friday morning in Alkmaar (April through September) you can watch a demonstration of the traditional cheese market at Waagplein.  With a sunny day upon us, I took a drive with a few girlfriends and went to say kaas!  Click here to read more about Alkmaar’s kaas market and history.


Buyers selecting kaas

Cheese lady in wooden clogs

Hauling the cheese off to be weighed…

Then it is ready to be delivered…


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