Bonjour from France!

We had a fantastic and very moving weekend visiting the Normandy region of France.  It was much colder than we anticipated coupled with an extra 3 hours on the road due to traffic/construction in all three countries of the drive…but G did great and we made it safe and sound.  Kudos to audio books, sweet paprika Doritos, and a no fail Garmin for making the 9 hour drive on Friday a bit easier.  Paris was the next stop on Sunday as G had work meetings for the next three days.  Which meant I had three days to roam the city and shoot away.

Today I hit a huge road block as my camera battery didn’t charge properly and died just minutes after I entered St. Chapelle.  In nine years I’ve been to Paris five times, but never to St. Chapelle.  I waited for the proper sunlight to fully appreciate the windows, stood in line for 45 minutes, and paid my 8 euros.  However, the amazing stained glass windows will remain in my memory until I make it back again.  I did manage to find 2 wonderful photo exhibits at the Hotel de Ville to feed my photo fix in the meantime.

Speaking of photos, I’m having trouble uploading photos here,  but managed to post a few highlights on Facebook…check them out when you get a chance.  Better updates to come when we are back in Amst.

It is nearly 10p here now and still full daylight…being so far north in the summer is fantastic; however, depressing with lack of light come winter.  Hopefully my battery has enough juice now to let me roam the streets and capture an evening Paris during our last night here.

Au revoir mes amis…


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