Black to Green?

I take after my mother in several ways (yes mom, really!).   She loves to spend her day piddling in her garden which produces beautiful flowers, fruits, and veggies.  Sadly, I didn’t inherit her green thumb.  Mine is the blackest of black.  I’ve made attempts in every city I have lived, but the plants always seem to die.  In my defense, I have not had a “real” backyard since I left my parent’s house—I also know this is no excuse.  So with the snow gone and spring in the air, I will try again.    G and I picked up this rode peper (red pepper) plant the other day and gave it a new home on the kitchen window.  Shouldn’t every southern girl have a pepper plant? It looks good now and even has a few peppers ready for us to eat.  We’ll see what happens over the next few months…stay tuned!


1 thought on “Black to Green?

  1. Make sure you take it to the deck and let it get some sun. my thumb is not so green either but everything loves the sun

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