Dutch treat in the Oud Zuid

Amst Canals

Who knew Amsterdam had an “old south”? Maybe the more surprising question…Who knew I’d ever move to the land of windmills? Me neither, but now here I am.  In the Oud Zuid neighborhood of Amsterdam.  Every single day has been an adventure.  But after four months, I think I’m feeling a bit more local than visitor.  I ride my feits (bike) everywhere.  I finally have my Dutch residence permit.  And ik spreek een beetje Nederlands (I speak a little bit of Dutch…emphasis on little).

Vondel Park

Vondel Park…my new Central Park

Time is flying fast and there is still so much more to experience and explore while in Europe. Over the last few months we have traveled to Portugal, France, Belgium, and of course other towns in The Netherlands. Fotos to follow in subsequent posts…